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Garage Door Springs
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Garage door springs are the most crucial parts of the whole system in the sense that they maneuver the movement of the door. Thanks to their power the door goes up and down and also stays open. Their power comes from the movement of their coils and the way they work. There are two types. Torsion spring garage door systems are particular because they move at only one side, where there is a winding cone. At the other side, there is a stationary cone that doesn't move. Since torsion springs are installed around a shaft, the torque created as the spring spins is transferred to the shaft and from there to the drum, which pulls or releases the cable. Extension springs work in a different way. They stretch to keep their energy and contract to release it and this is the way they move the door.

We take care of spring issues with speed

Garage Door Springs We know how garage door springs work. It is part of our job but the amazing thing with all technicians at Garage Door Repair Ham Lake is that they all take spring problems extremely seriously. Since they are vital for the good operation of the door, we feel that our team must be ready to respond to your urgent calls. Rest assured that we are! We offer emergency same day garage door repair and take care of all spring issues as fast as we can. You can be sure of our speed but you can also be sure of our quality. We make sure springs are fixed properly and all services are performed with diligence.

When you need garage door spring replacement, trust our company. We pride of our professionals being top in the replacement of both extension and torsion springs, their speed and their capacity to do the job thoroughly. We replace springs in order to prevent their snapping and we replace a broken garage door spring as well. In either case, we make sure the right new spring is installed in terms of the needs of your overhead door and once we install it, we make sure the door is balanced.

Garage door spring repair services require great attention apart from knowledge and the right tools. You can feel relaxed with our professionals. We are extremely cautious, check the cables and pulleys too, and make sure the door moves with safety. We adjust springs of all types and are here to assist you fast.

Call us or send an email if you need torsion or extension springs repair!

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