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Our job is to serve garage door owners and users in the best way possible. As part of this, we have created an entire section with valuable tips which will be of immense use in various types of situations related to these systems. Read them carefully and follow them precisely for best results.

Compare insulated garage doors carefully

You should pay attention not only to the R-value and the U-factor. Our professionals recommend that you check the insulating material and its own R-value plus its thickness to ensure that it will do a good job. The layer structure of the panels is also important. A unit with three-layer design will provide better insulation, all other things being equal.

Never run the opener without clearly seeing the door

This is one of the primary safety rules which and all other garage door users in your household must keep. You must not use the remote from too far away especially if it is dark outside. Similarly, you must not look in the opposite direction when you are using the wall-mounted button.

Inspecting your garage door can keep you safe

Our garage door repair company in Ham Lake can help you remain safe by properly inspecting your doors springs, cables, rollers and opener. If there is anything that needs to be repaired, it is suggested that you allow them to handle it immediately.

Use garage door locks only when the opener is disconnected

Otherwise you can damage the lock, panels, opener and possibly some of the hardware parts. This can happen when the opener is operated while the door is locked. This is because the strain on the motor, rail, trolley and spring will be immense.

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