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How to Prevent Garage Door Opener Issues

How to Prevent Garage Door Opener Issues
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There is no doubt that the life of a household becomes much easier with automatic garage door installation. The modern openers used by automatic doors are designed to operate safely, reliably and effectively. However, this does not mean that they can never get damaged or start malfunctioning. The good news is that you can do a number of things to reduce the risk of problems to the minimum. Here is how to do it.

Short Running

Prevent Garage Door Opener IssuesEven though the modern garage door openers are designed to bear considerable work load and have excellent ventilation, one of the major threats to them remains overheating. It can be effectively prevented in two ways.

Do not run the device for too long - You should not let it perform more than two cycles at the time unless the need for further operation is absolutely necessary. Make sure that kids will not play with the garage motor remote and with the wall button.

Let it rest between tests - When maintenance is provided people tend to operate the device for too long. You should give it a break of at least ten minutes between the different performance tests to be on the safe side.

Frequent Checks

With checks, the potential causes of problems can be identified and eliminated timely. That is why they have to be made at least every six months.

Inspect all components - You should begin with the wiring and ensure that it is in good condition. There should not be any worn-out, dented or chipped moving gears inside the motor unit. The garage door rail must be perfectly straight and free from damage such as bending. If it consists of sections, they must be properly aligned. Check the drive carefully. If it is made from metal, it must be properly lubricated and free from dirt and dust accumulations, deep scratches and chips. The belt of a belt drive unit must not be frayed or have tiny cuts. The trolley has to be in good condition as well. If there is something wrong, a professional garage door repair will be needed right away.

Check the accessories - Damaged, misaligned and malfunctioning safety sensors can also lead to opener problems. Inspect the condition of the units and of their wiring as well. Do not miss to check the remotes, wall-button and keypad. If any of these components is in poor condition, it must be fixed or replaced without delay.

Full Care

When you provide proper garage door opener maintenance, the risk of unexpected problems will be significantly lower.

Provide complete cleaning - You need to remove dust and dirt from the motor unit and from the safety sensors. You should be able to do a good job with dry cloth, but if this is not possible, you can dampen it a bit. Wipe the rail and the drive clean as well.

Lubricate the metal drive - If you have a drive chain or screw made from metal, you should apply lubricant for smooth operation. Use a product approved by the manufacturer. Make sure that it is evenly spread.

Finally, if you notice serious problems, you must stop using the device immediately, disconnect it from the power source and get it fixed right away.

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